Grade 12 English and Communications Provincial Exams

The English 12 Provincial exam is Monday, June 24th from 9 am - noon in the New Gym. Students are expected to arrive at 8:30 am, as the registration process takes time to complete. Students may leave after 11 am if completed. Late attendees are not granted additional time to supplement time missed.  

Students cannot bring notes or electronic devices to the exam. All items will need to be stowed away from their person. They should however, bring pencils and blue or black inked pens, as there are components of the exam requiring each. 

Students should also bring their Student ID card and have their 9-digit PEN ready.

Water is permitted, but must be brought to the exam. 

The Communications 12 Provincial Exam is Wednesday, June 26th from 9 am- noon, with 8:30 am arrival in Room 205 expected. The same regulations apply for the English 12 exam as stated above.