IMPORTANT: Family Contact and Digital Resource Survey

Dear Boyd families,

During this challenging time, we will continue to provide resources and supports to our school community. In order for our school to best connect with you, your children, and our educators, we need ALL families to respond to our Family Contact and Digital Resource Survey by Friday April 3rd at 2pm.

Please use the following link to access the survey (click here).

Only one family member is required to fill in the online form. If you are unable to respond digitally, please contact our school office at (604) 668-6615 and our office staff will assist you over the phone. As mentioned in email correspondence, teachers will reach out and make a connection with your child this week. The first communication from teachers will mostly be for the purpose of reconnecting.  You can expect more information regarding a continuity of learning framework by mid-April. 

Take care of yourself and your family and please feel free reach out to the school with any questions or concerns.