Survey about the Quarter system and adjustments to school scheduling

This year, the structure of our secondary schools was adapted to support learning during the COVID pandemic.  This included many changes including: adjusted start times, a quarter system for courses, and altered schedules for students.

As we move forward beyond our current context, we have developed a survey to seek input about your child’s experiences.  We value your perspectives and will use the survey information to help us plan for future school years.

We hope that you will take about 10 minutes of time to participate in the secondary families’ survey. The link to the survey is and it opens on Tuesday, April 6th: If you have more than one child in secondary school, you may take the survey more than once as your perspective may be different depending on your children’s ages or if they are attending different schools.

Please feel free to contact the school, if you have any questions. Thank you for your ongoing support of our school and your child’s learning.

If English is not your first language, we have attached a Chinese translated version to assist with understanding the questions and how to complete the survey.  The survey will open on April 6th and we greatly appreciate your feedback.