At Boyd, we continue to engage our school community – students, parents, and staff – to determine how to best enhance student learning. We will continue to collaborate as a staff and student body in weaving together the new BC curriculum with the MYP philosophy already in place at our school. 

With the initiation of a trial period of Personal Learning Time (PLT) from January to June, 2019, our focus was to provide students with opportunities to develop self-direction and self-management in their learning. Student and staff voices articulated the need to promote engagement as well as a health school/life balance. PLT is time available for staff to meet the needs of our diverse student population within instructional time. 

The aim of PLT is to support both students and staff in the following ways:

Students could use PLT to:

-seek academic support (from teachers and/or peers)

-complete homework and assignments

-prepare for upcoming assessments

-catch up on missed assessments

-work on a project (i.e. MYP Personal Project, Capstone)

-engage in reading

-rewrite or reorganize notes/organize binder

Staff could use PLT to:

-be available to students for individual or group support

-provide structured review, make-up sessions, or extensions

-offer seminars/activities in areas of interest