The Learning Centre & Resource Program


The Learning Centre is staffed with a team of learning resource teachers and offers 2 tiers of academic support to Hugh Boyd Students:

Universal Drop-in Support

1.  The Learning Centre offers academic support on a drop-in basis to all Hugh Boyd students, particularly in the junior grades. Students are welcome to come to the Learning Centre with teacher permission during their classes for support with homework, assignments and project work.

Targeted Enrolled Support – Learning Centre Resource Block

2. Students who are working on an IEP and/or require on-going academic support in order to successfully meet the learning outcomes of their courses may be enrolled in a Learning Centre block. The Learning Centre block, generally taken in place of French 8 (or an elective), offers students direct support in academics, skill building, organization and study skills. Students are typically referred to the Learning Resource program by their elementary school, although referrals can be made through the counselling team throughout their years at Hugh Boyd. Placement in a Learning Centre block is determined by the School Based Team consisting of resource teachers, classroom teachers, counsellors and administration.  Students are required to utilize the support of the drop-in service before being considered for enrollment in a Learning Centre block.  


The Resource Program is designed to meet the needs of the student who is labelled as having Diverse Abilities.

A Transition Plan begins in January and is followed through until the new school year.  IEP meetings happen in the Fall.  Goals are met with possible support from Educational Assistants, Resource Teachers, Classroom Teachers, Speech and Language Consultants, Counselors, District Consultants, working closely with school Administration. Students are integrated into mainstream classes as well as get a Support Resource Block as needed.

In their Support Resource Block students receive help with their regular/adapted/modified class assignments, functional life skills, community experience, social skills, job preparation. Once the students have reached gr. 10 they may opt to chose the path of Work Experience, or continue to work towards their Evergreen Certificate.