Course Change Request


Please note that Course Change Procedures have changed. You cannot present to the office or the counselling area at this time. See below:

Schedules are based on course selections that students requested in the spring of 2020. For a variety of reasons, some of these selected courses may not be running or have limited seats. As such, alternate course(s) or missing courses may appear on schedules in order meet graduation requirements. 

In order to safely open schools, we must adhere to firm class sizes that support physical distancing and purposeful scheduling to maintain cohort groupings. Reflecting this need, we have moved from a linear to a quarter system, making course change requests extremely challenging, if not impossible, to accommodate this year. 

Our main priority will be to ensure students have complete schedules and that courses taken leads to graduation. We will ONLY be reviewing and adjusting schedules with ERRORS, such as duplicate courses, changes necessary as a result of summer school completion, graduation requirements, post-secondary admissions, or addressing unscheduled/missing blocks.

However, we will continue to accept and review change requests, but these MUST be made through the online course request form that will be provided on the Boyd website. Alternatively, you can visit this address: