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These are scholarships that require students to submit the online nominated scholarship request form (SEE LINK AT BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE) by the posted deadline to be considered for nomination.

Scholarships noted below have an in-school Hugh Boyd deadline for students to submit the form. This provides staff time to make a decision, which in turn allows the nominated student time to gather requisite materials to make a formal submission to the scholarship. 

Students interested in nominations are required to review the criteria of each scholarship carefully prior to submitting the online nominated scholarship request form.  Details can be found on the link provided for each scholarship.

Mon JAN 25/21 (Noon) - BC Excellence Award In-School Deadline for Nomination Consideration 

Students must request to be nominated by their Principal before applying to this award.  Interested students must submit the online nominated scholarship request form (SEE LINK AT BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE) by the posted deadline to be considered for nomination.  (Each school may nominate one student.) 

The BC Excellence scholarship is awarded to 55 well-rounded high school graduates who have demonstrated service and leadership, both at school and in their communities, and who show aptitude for and commitment to their chosen career paths.  Recipients receive a $5,000 scholarship voucher that they can redeem with the Ministry of Education after they are attending a designated post-secondary institution or B.C. authorized trades training provider.  Students must meet the following eligibility requirements;

- be eligible for a B.C. Certificate of Graduation (Dogwood Diploma);

- fulfill the requirements of the B.C. Graduation Program;

- be graduating in the same year the scholarship is awarded; and

- have the following final marks.

- Minimum “B” average in grades 11 and 12 courses required for graduation.

- Minimum "B" (73% or above) in Language Arts 12.

- Minimum “B” average, no more than one "C+" (67% or above), and no marks lower than “C+” in courses that ---fulfill graduation requirements for Science 11 or 12, Math 11, and Social Studies 11 or 12.

Note: students may apply for both the BC Excellence scholarship and the Pathway to Teacher Education scholarship but they can only be awarded one.  

Complete details and the online application form can be found at: 

Wed JAN 13/21 (noon) – Schulich Leader Scholarships In-school Nomination Deadline. 

​Schulich Leader Scholarships are entrance scholarships awarded to high school graduates enrolling in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) programs at one of the 20 Canadian partner universities. In order to become a Schulich Leader and receive the scholarship, you must first be selected/nominated by your high school as the Schulich Leader Nominee. Only one student is selected per school. Awards ~ 25 at $100,000 for engineering ~ 25 at $80,000 for science, technology or mathematics. Eligibility Criteria

• Graduate from high school in the 2020/2021 academic year

• Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident

• Be entrepreneurial-minded and plan to enroll in STEM at one of the partner universities

• Meet at least two of the following criteria:

◦ Academic excellence ◦ Leadership (community, business or entrepreneurial)

◦ Financial need

• Not planning a career as a medical practitioner.

School submits their nominee:   Jan 27/21  

Student Nominee submits application:  Feb 17/21



JAN 18/21 (noon) (in-school nominated deadline) Cmolik Foundation Scholarship - This scholarship ($40,000) is available to deserving grade 12 students. One student per school can be nominated. To be considered for this award a nomination is required before applying.  Please see Hugh Boyd's website under "Students", "Grade 12", "Scholarships School Nominated" for nomination form and instructions.  Deadline to be considered for nomination is Mon. Jan 18/21 at noon.  ​Nominees must be a resident of BC and have lived in Canada for at least 7 years, demonstrate financial need and have faced adversity. The Foundation provides $40,000 for tuition, books and living expenses leading to an undergraduate degree.  Completed applications, including the principal’s nomination letter, must be submitted to Cmolik by February 7, 2021.

Applications, eligibility requirements and directions on how to apply can be found on:


JAN 18/21 (noon) Western University Scholarships for Domestic and International Students In-School Deadline - In order to be considered for the National Scholarship Program a school nomination is required.  Please submit your request for nomination form by the posted deadline.  Each school is able to nominate up to 4 students for the National Scholarship Program (note: a school can nominate 1 additional student (in addition to the 4) if that student is an international (visa) student).  Schools are not nominating students for a specific scholarship.  The nomination is for the student to be considered for the scholarships available within the National Scholarship Program.​

National Scholarships are designed to recognize all-round excellence. They are awarded on the basis of outstanding academic performance (90% on all Grade 12 coursesor equivalent)​ to candidates who demonstrate ability for creative and innovative thought and a passion for the pursuit of learning. National Scholarships also recognize exceptional achievement in extracurricular activities such as the arts and athletics. A special emphasis is placed on a candidate's commitment to community service through ongoing contributions to school and community life.  

President’s Entrance Scholarships

1 at $70,000 ($25,000 for year one, $15,000 annually for years two to four)

4 at $65,000 ($20,000 for year one, $15,000 annually for years two to four) and;

Up to 15 at $50,000 ($20,000 for year one, $10,000 annually for years two to four)

Beryl Ivey Continuing Entrance Scholarship

ONE at $72,000; payable $18,000 per academic year for a period of four years.

International President's Entrance Scholarships

3 at $50,000 ($20,000 for year one, $10,000 annually for years two to four)

Faculty Entrance Scholarships

Up to 15 at $30,000 ($12,000 for year one, $6,000 annually for years two to four)

National Scholarship Study Abroad Awards

Up to 39 at $2,500 for up to 4 months (one term), $5,000 for over 4 months (more than one term)

National Merit Awards

Those students who are interviewed for a National Scholarship but not offered a National Scholarship or a Schulich Leader Scholarship and accepting an offer of admission to main campus will receive a one-year National Merit Award valued at $2,000. Recipients will also retain eligibility for an Admission Scholarship ranging in value from $2,500 to $8,000.

* Students in receipt of a National Scholarship or a Schulich Leader Scholarship are not eligible to receive a Western Admission Scholarship.

Note: Please ensure that you have submitted your application for admission to the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC) indicating Western's main campus as one of your choices. The National Scholarship Application is an on-line application. In order to access the on-line National Scholarship application the OUAC reference number is required. The on-line National Scholarship application and all supporting documentation must be submitted by the February 14, 2021 deadline. Complete details and application process at:


Details and Deadlines To Be Announced


Details and Deadlines To Be Announced



The Queen’s University Chancellor Scholarship In-School Nomination Deadline - THIS SCHOLARSHIP IS NOW CLOSED