School Clubs

We have many clubs at Hugh Boyd and strongly recommend that students join in! Extra curricular activities help make school fun and exciting! So get involved! If you would like to start a new club, just find a group of like minded people and a teacher sponsor and away you go. Listen to the announcements or refer to the Student Bulletins on this website for meetings and events throughout the year.

Badminton Club (teacher sponsor:  Ms. Shen)

Debate Club (teacher sponsor:  Mr. Aura)

We debate and look for resolutions to solve the world's problems!  Thursdays in Room 116.

Engineering Club (teacher sponsor:  Mr. Beresford)

We maintain, repair, and drive combat robots - Thursdays at lunch in Room 105.

First Responders (teacher sponsor:  Ms. Ramanathan)

The First Responders Club are a group of highly trained first aid responders at Boyd. There are meetings every Thursday from 3-4pm in Room 203. Please contact Ms. Ramanathan if you are interested in joining.

Girl Power (teacher sponsor:  Ms. Balaciano)

A place where girls can discuss societal issues and start initiatives focused on gender equality and equal opportunity for all within our local school community.

GLOW:  Gay. Lesbian. Or Whatever. (teacher sponsor:  Ms. Foulds)

Hugh Boyd's Gay-Straight Alliance - We are here to support students, build community, celebrate diversity, and create change. We meet every Tuesday at lunch in Rm. 125, new comers always welcome!

Grad Committee (teacher sponsors: Mr. Chan and Ms. Balaciano)

The Grad Committee is a group of Grade 12 students who plan and implement the graduation activities for their grad year. We meet every Monday at lunch in Room 205 so please join us! 

Greenthumbers Club (teacher sponsors: Ms. Matsuo, Ms. Tong, Ms. Chan, Mr. Aura, Mr. Joseph, Ms. Santos-Cox)

Greenthumbers started out years ago as a gardening group, but it quickly turned into an environmentally conscientious group that promoted sustainability. The club will be primarily focused on gardening, though there have been discussions of doing a shore line clean up. We have also discussed integrating some of the gardening into Foods and Science 10 classes. New members are always welcome!  We meet on Wednesdays in Room 207 or at the greenhouse/garden beds.

Homework Club (teacher sponsor:  Ms. Babecoff-Kimhi)

Led by student-tutor volunteers under the supervision of staff, this is an opportunity to get assistance with homework and/or upcoming assessments. This club runs on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for an hour after school in the library.

Interact Club (teacher sponsor:  Ms. Korber, Mr. Aura, Mr. Yong, Ms. Ramanathan)

A service based club affiliated with Rotary.

Japanese Club (teacher sponsor:  Mr. Mamonluk)

We meet at lunch on Thursdays.

Korean Club (teacher sponsor:  Mr. Mamonluk)

We meet at lunch on Wednesdays.

Library Monitors Club (staff sponsor:  Ms. Moor, Ms. Leung, Ms. Santos-Cox)

The library monitors help to make the Library Learning Commons a safe, fun, and welcoming place to be. We help shelve books, put together displays, keep technology up to date, and review or recommend books to our peers. Everyone is welcome.

Music Clubs (teacher sponsor:  Mr. Naso)

Junior Jazz Combo - a student-directed group for Grades 8 - 10 who love to play jazz.  We meet on Mondays at lunch in Room 127.

Senior Jazz Combo -  a student-directed group for Grades 10 - 12 who love to play jazz.  We meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays at lunch in Room 127.

Second Line Band - a New Orleans style Brass Band that is open to anyone who wants to play and/or dance to high energy, infectious music.

Oversea Student Peer Tutoring Club (teacher sponsors:  Ms. Chu, Ms. Chan, and Ms. Shen)

Tutoring and support available for oversea students after school in Rooms 213/214.

Running Club (teacher sponsor:  Ms. Erfan)

Interested in going for a run?  We meet every Monday after school.

Student Council (teacher sponsors: Mr. Mamonluk and Ms. Hui)

Our Student Council at Boyd are a committed group of students at each grade level who are dedicated to leading the student body at Boyd with positive and fun activities! Nominations for grade representative and executive positions are available in the spring of each year for the next September. However, any student can join the once monthly meetings to be a "member at large" and still play an important role in Student Council. See Ms. Scott or Ms. Hui if you are interested.

Unity Club (teacher sponsor:  Ms. Scott)

Unity Club members join the students in the Resource room at 1pm everyday at lunch. Club members can join as often or as seldom as they want to (a club member can go once a week, once a month or everyday- it is up to them!). Ms. Scott offers volunteer hours and a reference/recommendation for student participation in Unity Club. 

Volunteer Club (teacher sponsor:  Ms. Shen)

The Volunteer Club works to increase student awareness of volunteer opportunities in the community and encourages students to participate in volunteer work. Meeting are on Thursdays at lunch.