Student Notice - Feb 24, 2021

  • The Counsellors have reserved a laptop cart to assist students with Program Planning course selection for next year.  The Counsellors will be available from 12:30-2:30 on Wednesday and Thursday in the Multi-Purpose area outside the Counselling center to assist students with course selection for next school year.  The window for course selection closes on Friday, February 26th!


  • Also advising students in Grade 10 or 11 that Career Life Education 10 can be taken in Grade 10 OR Grade 11 (it no longer HAS to be taken in Grade 10), so if you wish to delay taking that course until Grade 11, you can free up a space for an elective in your Grade 10 year.  Similarly, there will be one option of taking CLE 10 online.  If you would prefer to take this course via RVS for Hugh Boyd students, you can sign up for this course, but please be aware that any courses taken online are considered over and above a full-complement of courses (ie: a 9th class)


  • Students interested in Band are also advised that we may be offering Concert Band 9-12 and Jazz Band 9-12 off-schedule, so interested students can access these courses without having to give up a spot in their timetable or a Core course.  If the enrollment proves sufficient, we will be offering Concert Band and Jazz Band at lunch and/or after school as “over and above” electives in addition to a full complement of in timetable courses.


  • Hello Trojans.  For anyone who missed out on ordering Hugh Boyd merchandise, the Hugh Boyd online store is reopened for a limited time!  Please visit the athletics page at (which can also be found on the Hugh Boyd website), under the “Online Store” tab.  Deadlines for orders are March 17th .