Counselling Centre & Student Services


Due to the COVID19 Pandemic, Counselling Services at Hugh Boyd will be utilizing new policies and procedures. These guidelines are temporary and designed to support mental wellness of students and families while maintaining physical distancing. The following information may be adjusted throughout the academic year.  


At this time, students and families will NOT have access to the counselling area or individual counsellor offices. They must email their counsellor and/or schedule an appointment online here.


Allan Lee -

Grade 8 and International Students 

Geordy Reid -

Grades 9-12, last names A-L

Combined Studies

Talia Babecoff-Kimhi -

Grades 9-12, last names M-Z 

Combined Studies


Grade 8 and 9 Students:

  1. To arrange a meeting with a counsellor, students will need to email or make an online appointment here. They are available over Zoom, Phone, or In-person. 
  2. If a counsellor wishes to see a student, they will call their class and meet them in the Lounge area. 
  3. In-Person Counselling will occur outside or in the Lounge area of the building. Availability or requirements for privacy will determine the most appropriate location. 


  1. As senior students will only be present in the building for their class, they will need to schedule an appointment with a counsellor online here or via email to their appropriate counsellor as designated by last name. 



Students in crises (an inability to remain in-class or unsupervised) will be seen by a counsellor as soon as possible in a manner that adheres to physical distancing. There must be no more than one student who presents at a given time/event. In order to support physical distancing and reduce confusion, the following sequence of events during an individual crisis must be followed. 


  1. Student presents to office, or;
    1. Teacher calls office to inform which student will be presenting to office
  2. Office checks-in with counsellors for availability 
  3. If a counsellor is readily, or soon to be available and can see the student in crisis within minutes, the office will ask the student to wait for a counsellor in the designated Chair One or Chair Two outside the counselling/medical room main door. 
  4. If a counsellor is not available, the student will need to wait in the office area and connect with an administrator. 
  5. When a counsellor is available, they will open the main door to the counselling/medical room area and assess the student without their entering the space at that time. 
  6. If the student requires further counselling, the following interventional steps should be followed in sequence based on severity:
    1. Brief check-in and remain sitting in Chair One or Chair Two 
    2. Brief counselling in Lounge area 
    3. Counselling while walking outside 
    4. Student to sanitize with items provided at the door, enter the common space adjacent to the medical room and remain seated in a designated area. (This is reserved for students who are in severe crisis). 
    5. Once the above (iv) is resolved, the immediate interventional steps above apply. 
    6. If the crisis is not resolved, a phone call to a parent or guardian for pick-up applies. 

NOTE: The medical room area may require immediate access for medical events. If this occurs, students in-crises will be required to remain in Chair One or Chair Two. Therefore, item ‘iv’ above will not apply. 


  1. External supports (i.e; AST, CAP, Combined, Speech, ASW, etc.) will NOT have access to the counselling area at any time. 
  2. All external supports will schedule their appointments online to utilize Room 203, adjacent to the upstairs elevator entrance. 
  3. Students will communicate with external providers to arrange these meetings and communicate their own guidelines. 



Students and families will continue to utilize the online counselling referral request here. This is for requesting that a counsellor see a student that is not themselves. For any student wishing to make their own appointment, they can do so here.


Unless under special circumstances, course change requests will be closed by Friday, September 18th, 2020. Grade 12s requiring a meeting to discuss a possible change to meet graduation or Post-Secondary requirements should book an appointment with their counsellor here.

Schedules are based on course selections that students requested in the spring of 2020. For a variety of reasons, some of these selected courses may not be running or have limited seats. As such, alternate course(s) may appear on schedules in order meet graduation requirements. 

In order to safely open schools, we must adhere to firm class sizes that support physical distancing and purposeful scheduling to maintain cohort groupings. Reflecting this need, we have moved from a linear to a quarter system, making course change requests extremely challenging, if not impossible, to accommodate this year. 

Our main priority will be to ensure students have complete schedules and that courses taken leads to graduation. We will ONLY be reviewing and adjusting schedules with ERRORS, such as duplicate courses, changes necessary as a result of summer school completion, graduation requirements, post-secondary admissions, or addressing unscheduled/missing blocks.

Requests must be made through the online course request form that will be provided on the Boyd website. You will be required to indicate why you are requesting a change, so please ensure that any submissions made respects our current course change policy.

We anticipate many questions and concerns, as well as frustration and anxiety. We understand and counsellors are available online or via email to help you navigate these issues. To schedule an appointment with a counsellor, additional instructions will be provided on the school website. 

Course Change requests can be made through the online form here. Please refer to the information provided on this form

Career, scholarship, Post-secondary and apprenticeship information is available in the Career Centre. Services which are provided to students and parents include access to:

• Go to Hugh Boyd’s Career Centre Facebook page: search “Ms Jones Career Centre News”
• Interactive career and post-secondary computer exploration programs (Career Cruising), education planner
• Calendar admission guides and pamphlets on post-secondary institutions in B.C. and other Canadian provinces
• Post-secondary entrance exam testing information and application forms (LPI, TOEFL,PSAT, SAT, ACT)
• Scholarship information and applications
• Applying for a job (resume information/ interview skills)
• Future job trends
• Post-secondary financial aid
• Career Programs – apprenticeship website:

The career information advisor and counsellors work together in providing up to date information to students, teaching staff, and parents. Students may access this service through their counsellor or the career information advisor.

Hugh Boyd participates in the school police liaison program in conjunction with the Richmond R.C.M.P. Detachment. The purpose of this program is to enhance the working relationship between the police force, school and community.