Richmond Virtual School - district

The Richmond Virtual School(RVS) is a Distributed Learning secondary school that uses a blended model of online and face-to-face interaction to deliver high quality and dynamic learning opportunities to Richmond students.  We have one of the highest success rates in BC. 

Our blended learning approach provides more choices for students, teachers, and schools.  RVS students have the flexibility to learn the course content at a time that works for them. As independent learners, students will also benefit from developing life-long learning skills that will prove useful in other online learning opportunities.

We provide free academic and elective courses in grades 10 to 12.  Students can take one or more courses through RVS and still be registered in their home school.  We also offer a personalized project based learning program, for grade 11 and 12 students, called SKY. This year we are extending the sky program to include grade 8 students in our new program called RAIL. See our website for more information on the SKYand RAIL programs as well as our online courses. 

Examples of Courses Offered by RVS

Biology 11, 12

Calculus 12 

Cybersecurity 11, 12

Chemistry 11, 12

Career Life Education 10
Dance 10-12

Economics 12

English 11, 12

Foods and Nutrition L3, L4

Foundations and Pre-Calculus 10

Foundations of Math 11, 12

French 11, 12

Geography 12

Geometry 12

History 12

History of Math 11

Mandarin 11, 12

Outdoor Education 11, 12

Physics 11, 12

Pre-Calculus Math 11, 12

Psychology AP12

Social Studies (Explorations) 11

Statistics 12

Writing 12

Young Entrepreneur Leadership 


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