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Hello Parents and Guardians,

The Hugh Boyd PAC meets regularly throughout the school year to discuss matters relevant to parents, students and staff of Hugh Boyd.  

All PAC meetings for the 2021/2022 school year will be at 7 pm, held virtually on Zoom or in-person in the Library on the following Thursdays: October, November, February, April, and the PAC AGM in May. You may email the PAC directly at  

****Please be advised that several Executive roles will be vacant for the 2022-23 school year.  We are currently seeking interested parents to step forward to take on these important tasks.  The jobs do not require experience, but they are key roles in the PAC operations and decisions.  Please come to the May meeting and advise the current PAC parents if you are interested. 

Minutes from recent PAC meetings are posted below.

Thank you.
Hugh Boyd PAC

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Boyd%20PAC%20minutes%2C%20Oct.%2013%2C2016.pdf 495.29 KB
Boyd%20PAC%20minutes%2C%20November%2017%2C%202016.docx 16.22 KB
Boyd%20PAC%20minutes%2C%20January%2019%2C%202017.docx 16.16 KB
Boyd%20PAC%20minutes%2C%20February%2016%2C%202017.pdf 498.05 KB
Boyd%20PAC%20minutes%20-%20April%2020%202017.pdf 762.35 KB
Boyd%20PAC%20minutes-AGM%2C%20May%2018%2C%202017.pdf 656.08 KB
Hugh%20Boyd%20PAC%20minutes%2C%20October%2012%2C%202017.pdf 481.88 KB
Boyd%20PAC%20Minutes%20November%2023%202017.pdf 50.13 KB
Boyd%20PAC%20minutes%20-%20February%2020%202018.pdf 33.38 KB
Boyd%20PAC%20Minutes%20-%20May%2024%202018.pdf 752.4 KB
Boyd%20PAC%20Minutes%20-%20October%202018.pdf 102.92 KB
HB%20PAC%20Minutes%2017Nov2018.pdf 36.56 KB
21Feb2019%20HB%20PAC%20Minutes%20.pdf 73.92 KB
HB%20PAC%20Minutes%2017%20Oct%202019%20.pdf 84.15 KB
HB%20PAC%20Minutes%20-%20November%202019.pdf 60.66 KB
Boyd%20PAC%20Minutes%2C%20February%2C%202020.pdf 353.75 KB
Hugh%20Boyd%20PAC%20Minutes%20-%20April%2028%202020.pdf 41.31 KB
Hugh%20Boyd%20PAC%20Minutes%2C%20May%2C%202020.pdf 52.89 KB
PAC%20Meeting%20Minutes%20-%20October%2015%202020.pdf 72.35 KB
November%2019%2C%202020%20Meeting%20Minutes.pdf 107.17 KB
February%2018%2C%202021%20Meeting%20Minutes.pdf 88.39 KB
HB%20Meeting%20Minutes%20April%2015%2C%202021.pdf 40.87 KB
HUGH%20Boyd%20PAC%20Meeting%20minutes%20May%202021.pdf 104.29 KB
HB%20Sept%2016%2C%202021%20Meeting%20Minutes.pdf 99.44 KB
Meeting Minutes Nov 18, 2021.pdf 125.72 KB
PAC Meeting Minutes Feb 17, 2022_0.pdf 76.88 KB
Meeting Minutes April 14, 2022.pdf 119.84 KB