About Us

Hugh Boyd Secondary School is an authorized IB world school located on the western side of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, that serves students from Grades 8 to 12. It is part of School District 38 Richmond, delivering its only IB Middle Years Programme. The school was named after Hugh Boyd, Richmond’s first mayor (known then as a Reeve).  Hugh Boyd Secondary opened in 1960, and was originally a Junior Secondary School serving Grades 8-10 only, before it expanded in 1996 to serve Grades 8-12. In 1995, the school completed a new wing which contained a new office, science wing, gymnasium, lounge and library.

Its student population ranges each year, from approximately 650 to 700 students, most of whom come from the surrounding Seafair neighbourhood. The school is fed into by the nearby elementary schools of Gilmore Elementary School, Dixon Elementary School, Steves Elementary School, Diefenbaker Elementary School, Quilchena Elementary School, and Grauer Elementary School.

The school colours are black and gold, and the school sports teams are named the Hugh Boyd Trojans. The School offers sports such as Basketball, Volleyball, Track & Field, Ultimate, Soccer, Badminton, and Golf. Hugh Boyd students have and continue to be very successful in athletics.


Hugh Boyd develops compassionate and respectful young adults who are well-balanced, principled inquirers with an understanding of their responsibilities within society and as global citizens.  Students balance academic excellence with attributes that allow them to realize their potential as whole learners in a dynamic and complex world.



Hugh Boyd Secondary believes in helping students develop strong communications skills to read or view critically, using a variety of different media to develop and share ideas with others.


Hugh Boyd facilitates the development of strong research skills so students can access and collect appropriate information for their specific purposes, while giving credit where credit is due.  Students understand the impact of media, and make informed choices when interacting with different types of media.


Hugh Boyd values community and works to create a climate that is collaborative and open to different perspectives, where individuals should take responsibility for their own actions.


Hugh Boyd believes in helping students understand how their actions can affect themselves and others. Students develop awareness of personal strengths and abilities that will allow them to be successful in school and life, and persevere in difficult situations.  


Hugh Boyd helps students apply critical thinking skills to events or issues.  Students think creatively to create solutions to problems, consider ideas from multiple perspectives, interpret data, and draw appropriate conclusions.