Advanced Placement

The Advanced Placement Program provides gifted or motivated students with the opportunity to complete college-level studies during secondary school. Students enrolled in an AP course will work on enriched and accelerated materials. The course descriptions and examinations are developed by The College Board based at Princeton University. Successful completion of a standardized exam will allow students to apply to colleges and universities for advanced standing, course credit or both. The AP program helps students pursue intellectual activities of a challenging nature and develop higher level thinking skills, such as independent study and research, analysis of knowledge, subject enrichment and sociological implications of the various areas of study.

In Canada, the AP program is growing in popularity. The University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University and University of Victoria all use AP grades for admission, credit, and/or placement. AP is also recognized and accepted in many eastern Canadian universities and colleges.

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At Hugh Boyd Secondary, students may enrol in AP Calculus 12, AP Art and/or AP English 12.

before acceptance into the program. Interviews for February intake are scheduled in January; interviews for September intake are scheduled in June. If you are interested in interviewing for the program, talk to your parents/ guardians and your school counsellor. Applications forms are available in every secondary school.