English Language Learning

Special support is provided to students whose first language is not English. Initial placements to the program are carried out by district ELL staff. Students work through levels 1 through 5. Beginner levels of ELL are 1and 2 while intermediate levels are 3 and 4. ELL levels 1 and 2 focus on intensive English acquisition in speaking, listening and vocabulary building in the subjects of Science, English Culture Studies, and Social Studies. Levels 3 and 4 focus on more academic writing and reading in the subjects of Social Studies and English.


Students at level 5 continue to enrich their understanding of English in their regular courses and receivesupport from an ELL specialist teacher.


ELL 1/2 Beginner English Cultural Studies

This course focuses on the four core aspects of English skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.Language for communication is the emphasis of this course.


ELL 1/2 Beginner Social Studies

This course focuses on Canadian geography, history and government. The provinces, capitals, regions,resources and industries will be studied.


ELL 1/2 Beginner Science

Science vocabulary and the scientific method form the foundation of this course. Students will learn how to read science textbooks and gain confidence for future science courses.


ELL 3 Intermediate English

This course focuses on reading and writing. Authentic reading materials will be used from a variety of sources. Students will extend their vocabulary, reinforce their grammar skills and explore a variety of writing styles.


ELL 3 Intermediate Social Studies

Multiculturalism, global issues and historical content will be discussed in this course. Students will work on research skills and the writing process.


ELL 4 Advanced English

This is the last ELL course students take before full integration into all other courses. The emphasis is onwriting. Students will continue to expand their vocabulary, hone their grammatical skills, and becomecomfortable with a variety of writing styles.