Graduation Numeracy Assessment (GNA 10) Information and Schedule

GNA 10: April 12-16, 2021 

The Graduation Numeracy Assessment 10 (GNA 10) will be held from April 12-16. All current grade 10 students have been scheduled to write this Graduation requirement exam and information and the schedule has been emailed to you by Mrs. McColl.  There are also some Grade 12s who MUST write this exam included in the schedule, and you have already been contacted.  Classes will still be in session during these exams and students will be writing in their "off-class" times.  A schedule outlining which day, what time and which location you are scheduled to write has been posted on signboards at the entrance doors to the school and Mrs. McColl has already emailed students about their scheduled sitting.  If you have more questions, please see Mrs. McColl. 

As you have been advised, students are scored on a 4-point scale and have the opportunity to re-write the exam up to 3 times before graduation if they are not happy with their result.

In preparation for the exam, please visit the Ministry of Education website to review the GNA 10 content: