Mental Health and Student Safety

A significant issue facing young people as we emerge from the pandemic is social connection, the internet and predatory behaviour through a variety of social media sites that have become popular with teens. With issues coming to the attention of our Counselling team, Hugh Boyd contacted a guest speaker from a BC education company called Sexual Exploitation Education (SEE).

Tiani Sharifi (who happens to be the wife of Hugh Boyd staff member Mr. Michael Taylor) presented to each of our students in grade assemblies on April 19th.  Students were engaged and learned lots about what to look for and how to protect themselves.

We felt the information was important enough that Ms. Sharifi also spoke to our staff at the May 20th Professional Development day. Again, the information was well-received and very informative as everyone tries to learn all they can to keep our students safe.

We were so impressed by both presentations, we brought Ms. Sharifi in to speak with our Parent Advisory Council on Thursday, May 26th, and parents were equally impressed.

Updated: Monday, July 11, 2022