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The following 2 course options are intended for students who have an interest in the fields of videography, photography, scripting, digital editing and post-production. The courses are off timetable and will be self-directed, giving the flexibility for timetabling.


Digital Media 10 - 12 (level 1)

Skills in photography, videography and digital media will be developed through practical applications on field trips, video competitions and personal interest projects. Attributes of responsibility, reliability and self-motivation are necessary. Students will utilize the basic program features of cameras and be introduced to manual manipulations of camera exposure, external audio, lighting and a refinement of digital media skills.Students must register via Richmond Virtual School.


Video Production 11 - 12 (level 2 - 3)

After students have completed the Digital Media class, students can register for this class. This programallows students to further apply their skills in videography, photography and digital media to contractedproductions. School events, School District initiatives, corporate promotional videos are some examples of the productions that our team will be working on. Students will be responsible for strategizing and planning,scripting, capturing, editing and producing video content for a number of clients from the school and localcommunity. Students of varied skills and interests are valued in this program. Students must register viaRichmond Virtual School. Recommended Prerequisite: Digital Media (Level 1) (students with previous video editing experience can contact Mr. Chan for an exemption)




The following 2 course options are intended for students who have an interest in supporting younger students individually and in small groups. The courses are off timetable and will be self- directed, giving the flexibility for timetabling.


 Peer Tutoring 11

This course is intended for students who enjoy supporting younger students with their subject classes. Peer tutors complete tutor training sessions with the Peer Tutoring teacher, and then are placed in an appropriate subject class where they may work with individual and small student groups under the supervision of thesubject teacher. Emphasis is placed on peer tutors’ organization, communication, interpersonal skills and theability to help students develop numeracy, reading and study strategies. If you are interested in this course, you must see a counsellor for an application form. You should have a subject area of strength and a subject area teacher who would support your application. Applicants may be interviewed prior to acceptance into the course.





Peer Tutoring 12

This course is an extension of Peer Tutoring 11. Students must complete an application and interviewprocess. Please see a counsellor for an application form. Recommended Preparation: Peer Tutoring 11




The following course option is intended for students interested in physical education as well as fields related to community and service.


Recreation and Service 11 - 12

This class is organized around helping students to develop into well-rounded and balanced citizens who make active contributions to their local communities. The course is broken down into four main components, which include: Service, Physical Recreation and Health, Skill of Interest and Adventure Trip. Students will take partin a variety of learning and practical activities, while being responsible for contributing service to their community through volunteerism. Students will also strive to develop a skill of their personal interestthroughout the duration of the course.