Our Learning

Hugh Boyd has long been known as a “Connected Community”, and as a staff we will continue to push our students to be excellent in all that they do, while being connected to those around them.  We define Excellence as bringing your best effort to a task, setting goals and working hard to achieve those goals and setting a standard of performance for our students and aiding them in reaching that standard.

Coming out of the pandemic to a return to school that will hopefully be “closer to normal”, we will be concentrating on several issues for our students.  Specifically:

  • Mental Health
    • How are our students coping with what has been a difficult year and a half during COVID and what supports do they need as we try to return to a more connected life?
  • School connectedness and engagement levels
    • How connected do our students feel to this school and what can we do to help them feel even more part of this community?
    • How engaged are our students in their classes and is the engagement leading to greater academic success and social-emotional happiness?
    • Careful consideration our school data and success rates.
  • Truth and Reconciliation
    • As all of Canada continues to grapple with recent discoveries around Residential School Sites, we feel the need to educate our students about what has happened in our history and how to move forward. 
    • There is a need to learn about the past, so we can know better and do better in the future. 
    • Education, listening, and learning is part of our mandate.