Combined Studies Program

The Combined Studies Program is an alternate academic education program that supports students who have had difficulty in the mainstream setting. It is a program for academically capable students in Grades 11 through 12. Students, aged 16-19 who successfully complete their schooling through the Combined Studies Program earn a regular Dogwood Certificate of Graduation which allows them to pursue post-secondary education in a variety of fields.

The Combined Studies program operates on the principles of attendance/participation, peer/teacher respect, development of a solid work ethic, and 100% completion of all projects. Combined Studies is a community-centred learning environment that meets the needs of students with a wide range of learning styles and goals.

The program operates on a quarterly system with four intakes per year. Students must submit an application and interview with the program team to be considered. For all application inquiries, please contact the Combined Studies staff through your school counselling office.

Attached on this page is a PowerPoint for students in the Combined Studies program, reviewing graduation planning.